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IPA Online Lodgment Preparations Underway

As preparations get underway for the registration of businesses to go online this year, staff of the Investment Promotion Authority and the software suppliers, Foster More Limited are on their feet to ensure that all current procedures are aligned to suit the requirements of the online project.

The system will be developed using the Catalyst Adoption Methodology (CAM). This means that the software supplier will adopt design the online register system around the IPA’s requirements.

The online lodgment project will provide for document lodgment and registration for the Companies, Securities Commission, Business Names, Associations, Business Groups and Foreign Enterprise registries.  The system will also provide an online search capability for clients. This means that clients or people who wish to do lodgments can do that from the comfort of their offices or homes at anytime.

To make this work, the team has had several rounds of workshops to go through the current procedures and data including the IPA lodgment forms to see whether they needed to be reviewed, changed or updated before they are migrated to the online system.

All existing business records will be transferred out of the current system and into the new online register.  Some of the tasks that the team is working on include the rewording of the questions in the various application forms, identifying the tasks that different users would be able to perform, who the authorized people will be in terms of logging into the online system and accessing the various company databases.

Users of the online register system will consist of External Users, who are the clients, and internal users who are the IPA staffs. PNGINFORMEDIA will feature regular updates on the online lodgment process in the coming months.

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