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The Start & Improve Your Business (SIYB) Training Programme

What is SIYB Programme?

SIYB Stands for Start and Improve Your Business. The Start & Improve Your Business (SIYB) is an internationally recognized entrepreneurial development training programme introduced and adopted to suit PNG conditions and situations. It is an International Labour Organization (ILO) programme adopted by PNG because of its sustainability and appropriateness to our situation. It is implemented and/or used in 86 other countries around the world, each country adapting to their own needs and situations.

In PNG, the programme is implemented through the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) with technical assistance from ILO and with the funding support from the AusAID. SBDC is a Commercial Statutory Authority within the Ministry of Trade & Industry mandated (under the SBDC Act of 1990) to assist in the development and promotion of small and medium enterprises/entrepreneurs (SMEs) in PNG, particularly the indigenous business sector.

Programme Development Objective(s)

The underlying development of the SIYB programme is to establish a sustainable and appropriate system of business training for potential entrepreneurs who wish to start new businesses or improve the management of existing businesses. Ultimately, the programme will lead to the creation of jobs (self-employment) and an improved standard of living.

The purposes of the project are:-

To produce basic small business training programmes, that can be delivered to potential and existing small business owners/operators throughout the country whilst ensuring women have adequate opportunity to participate in the programme; and
To develop a sustainable institutional arrangement to co-ordinate small and medium business training throughout Papua New Guinea.

Specifics Objectives

The specific objectives of the SIYB Programme are:-
  • To produce basic small business training programs and deliver training to potential and existing small business owners throughout the country.
  • To address the specific needs of business in the transition from micro-enterprises to small and medium enterprises.
  • To ensure that women not only have adequate opportunity to participate in the program but also to have access and equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to every level within the SME sector.
  • To develop specific SIYB programs to meet the needs of special target groups, eg., agriculture, eco-forestry, fisheries, etc.
  • To develop suitable institutional arrangements to stimulate, expand and co-ordinate small business training throughout the country.
  • To strengthen the capacity of SED Network Partners, including educational institutions for small business development training.
  • To link the SYB/IYB program to other aspects of SME development services, such as credit schemes, business extension services, etc., with a view to product an integrated approach to SME development in PNG.
How the Programme is Implemented?

The programme was introduced to PNG in 1996 and is developed and/or implemented around four (4) main elements:-

i) Development of SIYB Training Manuals
The ILO’s SIYB training materials have been continually adapted and refined to suit PNG conditions and situations. Materials developed and currently available for use are: SIYB Standard, SIYB for Micro-Enterprises and SIYB for Fisheries. Other sectoral adaptations for Agriculture and small building contractors are in progress. These materials are continuously reviewed and refined to accommodate or suit prevailing changes and environments.

ii) Capacity Building of SED Network Partners
The programme is delivered through SED Network Partners and as such selected officers from these organizations are trained to be SIYB trainers. They are developed and skilled to be fully certified SIYB Trainers and Master Trainers and capacitate them with necessary tools and skills. The programme has 150 fully certified SIYB Trainers and 15 Master Trainers (evenly spread within the four (4) regions). Regular regional network partners meetings and SIYB Trainers and Master Trainers in-service workshops are conducted to up-date knowledge and delivery skills.

iii) Delivery of SYB/IYB Training
The Programme is delivered through more than 108 SED Network Partner Organizations, who are responsible for the delivery of the SIYB training programmes to their target groups/clients. The SED Network Partners are from NGOs, Provincial and National Government Departments, mining and petroleum sectors, private business training and consultancy companies, business associations and the fisheries sector.

iv) Programme Management and Monitoring
SBDC, through the SIYB Programme Office, facilitates the co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation, facilitates Training of Trainers (TOTs) and Training of Master Trainers (TOMTs) programmes, quality control and review and development of additional training materials based on expressed needs. Master Trainers (MTs) are equipped and are extensively used to assist with monitoring and evaluation of the programme delivered by the SED Network Partners throughout the country. All certified trainers provide training reports to the SIYB Programme Office.

About the SIYB Programme

The SIYB comprise of two (2) main components:-
  1. Start Your Business (SYB) Programme.
  2. Improve Your Business (IYB) Programme.
Start Your Business (SYB) Programme

The SYB programme is designed to assist people to start a potential/new small business. By participating in the SYB programme, participants learn about business concepts, generate a business idea and prepare a business plan (feasibility study) based on the business idea.

The SYB programme consists of two (2) phases:-

i) Business Awareness Workshop – The participants are provided with basic information about business concepts and principles of owning and running a small business. They assess themselves whether they are the right type of person, posses necessary skills and resources and business, and which leads to choosing a right business idea. This is usually 2 – 3 days workshop.

ii) Business Planning Workshop – It is a 10 days workshop. If the participant posses the necessary skills, resources and right business idea, he/she is put through the business planning workshop. Based on the chosen business idea, the participants are put through a guided training programme to come up with a completed business plan.

iii) SYB for Micro-Enterprises – It is more simplified version (10 days workshop) for informal sector target group(s) with less/minimum education level. It is a combination of Business Awareness and Business Planning workshops. Participants are provided with basic information above business concepts, choosing a business idea and developing a business plan based on the business idea.


To participate in the SYB programme, you need to:-

  • Have a realistic business idea;
  • Be able to read and write in English;
  • Are able to do simple calculations; and
  • Have potential for growth.
The duration of the workshops is from 3 to 5 days, depending on the module chosen.

Who delivers the SIYB Programme?

The SIYB programme is delivered by ILO certified Trainers through SED Partners Organization from private and government organizations throughout the country. Currently, the programme is delivered through 108 organizations involving more than 113 active trainers and monitored and evaluated by 15 Master Trainers throughout the country.

Where to get more information?

SIYB Programme Office
C/- Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC)
P O Box 286
National Capital District
Ph: 323 5816/311 2150
Fax: 323 4585/325 0801
Email: pdpiawu[earth]sbdc[dot]gov[dot]pg

Contact persons:

Mr. Peter Piawu – Manager, SIYB Division.
Mr.Geowa Tomala – SIYB Training Co-ordinator: Email: gtomala[earth]sbdc[dot]gov[dot] pg.
Mr. Bill Reuben – Coordinator – Business Training: Email: breuben[earth] sbdc[dot]gov[dot]pg
Mr. Edward Bal Kepa – Resource Development Coordinator : Email: ebalkepa[earth]sbdc[do]gov[dot]pg

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